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    Virtual Team 

    In order to work  more effectively and efficiently, many companies are increasing their use of virtual teams and attempting to harness the advantages that come from doing so.  However, many of the difficulties present in face to face teams are amplified over internet communication systems and companies often fail to use telework and virtual teams to their full potential.

    Whether struggling with trust issues, poor participation, cross cultural communication complications, disruptive amounts of conflict, lack of  follow up on actionable objectives, we can help.  Our expertise in this matter is unparalleled and virtual teamwork is only going to become more important in the coming years.  We have helped many companies stay ahead of the curve. 

    We can help you in the following manners.

    Virtual Leadership Comprehensive Package ( Online Quote )

    Enhance team development with a suite of services to optimize and strengthen team performance. This package includes: 6 monthly 1:1 manager coaching sessions, 1 GlobaLeader™ 360 Assessment, 3 copies of A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams, Team Set-Up Questionnaire and a complete Feedback Report for up to 10 team members, and 10 Quick Tips and Highlights Booklet.

    Virtual Team Trends Report ( Online Quote )

    If you need to data in order to better understand your own organization's position, this is the product for you. This 15-page report includes findings from interviews with over 150 virtual team managers. This easily accessible information is delivered in a concise and easy-to-understand manner, complete with graphics and charts. Download

    Team Setup (TSU) Tool: Questionnaire Report ( Online Quote )

    This online tool is designed in order to assist managers and teams self-diagnose their current situation, specifically by allowing them to identify their strengths, expectations and communication mechanisms. This feedback report helps the team establish team operating principles and is complete with practical recommendation.  You can expect to improve communications, promote cohesion, and lift productivity by utilizing this product, which can be used as a standalone resource or part of the Virtual Teams Comprehensive Services. More Info

    Virtual Teams Trust Audit™ ( Online Quote )

    This online tool is a confidence building system that enables virtual teams to strengthen their trust and accountability, build better team cohesion, and increase productivity. Using the feedback this assessment provides will allow team members to target specific behaviors that facilitate effective working relationships and improve team performance.  More Info

    Virtual Meeting Facilitation ( Online Quote )

    In order to effectively lead teams in virtual meetings, the ability to translate leaderships skills to a virtual medium is critical.  This program teaches teams to use tools that will allow them to effectively conduct virtual teams, ultimately allowing them to build team interaction, improve virtual team dynamics, and improve team member engagement. More Info

    Virtual Executive Coaching Services ( Online Quote )

    In this program, a knowledgeable expert will work with the team to identify key development opportunities and improve team performance through the benefit of one-on-one guidance. Coaches first use the GlobaLeader™ 360º Assessment in order to identify key development opportunities in managers leadership styles, which will then be improved through the utilization of our TACT™ (Tune-in, Assess, Coach and Transform) coaching model.  Through the provision of practical advice, proven methodology, and customized coaching teams can expect to see improvements in productivity. More Info

    Virtual Team Webinar Series ( Online Quote )

    An intensive workshop (via live engagement technology) that spans the full scope of Yael’s most popular book, A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams. Topics include essential virtual team setup concepts: The four key areas for success: (1) Context Communication, (2) Trust/Accountability, (3) Conflict Mediation, and (4) Deliverable Management, as well as techniques for managing across cultures and time zones. More Info

    Virtual Teams Roadmap Companion ( Online Quote )

    Using an appealing storytelling format, the Virtual Team Roadmap gives readers methods for practically applying the concepts and techniques learned in other virtual team services.  Using a fictional manager's narrative rise from being a newly appoints senior manager to becoming a senior manager of a multi-national virtual team, readers will learn how one can overcome challenges and grow in their own roles. More Info

    Virtual Presentations and Keynotes ( Online Quote )

    Presentations include webinars, webcasts, and keynote engagements to learn tips and best practices on managing and leading virtual teams. Topics can be customized to specific audience needs and project timelines via interactive webinars and in-person keynotes. More Info