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    Successfully Managing People

    As the difficulty of work increases, organizations have to become more efficient and effective in how they utilize their time and work together.  Regrettably,  many organizations struggle to form new teams that are ready to perform immediately, spend too much time in ineffective meetings, often experience interpersonal conflict, and frequently could benefit from better alignment.

    Whether helping organizations develop a process to launch a new teams, informing employees of best practices that help them create effective norms and operating principles, demonstrating best practices for dealing with interpersonal conflict, AIM has the expertise and experience necessary to improve any organization's ability to become more efficient and effective.   Our process of assessing the organization's difficulties and equipping employees with the necessary skill sets to handle them has allowed many of our clients to see significant returns on investment. 

    We can help you in the following manners.

    People Management Assessment™ (PMA) ( Online Quote )

    Ideal for managers transitioning from a technical to managerial role and for leaders taking on increased responsibilities, this online assessment tool allows leaders to focus on their inter- and intra-personal strengths and growth areas along 4 PMA Domains: (1) Managing Self, (2) Managing Communications, (3) Managing Individuals, and (4) Managing Teams, to build more effective partnerships and higher performing teams. More Info

     People Advisory Services ( Online Quote )

    Let dedicated advisors work with you to enhance team performance and improve employee productivity across teams. Using a customized interviews and surveys, our advisors will identify team development opportunities and help them execute an action plan that addresses your unique organizational needs. More Info

    Team Alignment Goals and Action ( Online Quote )

    One of the biggest reasons for poor productivity and high turnover is lack of goal clarity and role conflict.  In this program an expert will help your employees identify sources of confusion and implement best practices that will allow all team members to understand what they are responsible for delivering, both individually and as a team.  This will result in more engaged employees that perform better and are more satisfied with their work. More Info

    Team Networking ( Online Quote )

    Throughout your professional career, networking is one of the critical skills necessary to foster an innovative environment and create successful opportunities for collaboration. Even if you would characterize your current networking abilities as good, you may feel that certain areas could be improved. A dedicated advisor will discuss opportunities for cross departmental and cross functional communication opportunities and show your organization's managers how to implement best practices that can help the organization connect better and avoid conflict. More Info