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    It is no secret that globalization has had a profound impact on our work relationships. Keeping the skills of your workforce up to date in this fast-changing world is more important than ever. With trends in generational peer to peer training and employee engagement and culture taking a lead role, effective leaders will have these as their top most priority in 2017. Leadership has even evolved- now considered the role of inspiring others on a journey to success while creating an exemplary brand.

    Despite these fresh trends, the risks and demands of running an effective organization are increasing. 38% of employers worldwide are struggling with talent shortage problems, with 55% citing lack skills.  Even if employers do fill positions, 70% of the American workforce is not engaged in the workplace, which leads to unsustainable turnover within organizations and increased economic drain.  Organizations can combat their need for more talent with critical skills by offering training programs, which are associated with exponential engagement, reduced turnover, and improved employee performance.

    In order to help companies alleviate these organizational pressures and capitalize on development opportunities, our AIM subject matter experts offer services in three key areas

    By implementing best practices in human capital management to address these issues, we can help reduce costs, improve productivity, and raise the bottom line of organizations profitability in a fast and cost-effective manner.  Whether you are dealing with team, leader, or undiagnosed organizational issues, we will work with you to discuss and create the customized solutions you need in order to create an effective and engaged workforce in your unique organization.  Let us know how we can help you today!

    Virtual Leadership Comprehensive Package ( Online Quote )

    Virtual Teams fulfill an important business need, often to secure a powerful competitive advantage across distance, space and time. Teams that work collaboratively can obtain greater resources, recognition and reward when facing competition. While collaboration requires effective leadership, it also requires a human connection- the glue that binds members together. That can often feel lost in the digital realm.

    • How do I establish rapport with employees across continents and cultural differences?  
    • What do I need to do to build a strong team with widely dispersed people who’ve never met?  
    • How can I keep track of what everybody is doing and when they do it?


    Virtual Presentations and Keynotes ( Online Quote )

    Presentations include webinars, webcasts, and keynote engagements to learn tips and best practices on managing and leading virtual teams. Topics can be customized to specific audience needs and project timelines via interactive webinars and in-person keynotes.


    •    10 tips for creating trust and accountability
    •    Top challenges of cross-cultural communication
    •    Effective resolution strategies  for conflict management
    •    How virtual teams can get their deliverables out the door faster and better


    Leaders who want to create teams that can compete globally.

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