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    Leadership Skills

    The nature of today's work is becoming increasingly complex, and the leaders directing businesses into the future need to be able to guide companies more effectively than ever before.  Unfortunately, bad management continues to be one of the primary reasons that an organization's workforce remains disengaged, an impact which results in poor productivity and higher turnover rates.

     Whether helping new managers learn how to lead new teams, teaching global leaders the nuances required to handle intercultural matters, or helping c-level executives create new company visions and strategies to support them, we have helped companies figure out how to maximize the potential of their leadership capabilities.  Our process of identifying organizational development opportunities and then developing the necessary core competencies that leaders need to capitalize upon them has benefitted many of our clients. 

    We can help you in the following manners.


    Leadership Advisory Services ( Online Quote )

    Let dedicated advisors work with you to enhance team performance and improve productivity across teams. Using a 'ROADMAP,' our advisors will facilitate your team and help them execute an action plan based on your unique organizational needs. More Info

    Leadership Coaching Services ( Online Quote )

    Our one-on-one executive coaching begins with an assessment of your senior leaders performance along 7 Global Leadership Dimensions.  Using this assessment, our dedicated experts will help design a coaching program enhance their global management skill-set by developing an action plan to meet stated goals.  Expect to see an improvement in management and influencing capabilities, which will allow managers to engage employees more effectively across both cultures and time zones. More Info

    Global Leader™ Self-Assessment ( Online Quote )

    This online 15 – 20 minute self-assessment survey, which is designed for global leaders, delivers an individualized report detailing strengths and development needs along the 7 Dimensions of Global Leadership (GLD) Model. An accompanying leader action guide will help you managers along their leadership development journey. More Info

    Global Leadership™ 360° Assessment ( Online Quote )

    This 360º online assessment synthesizes anonymous input from manager, peers, direct reports, and even clients in order to summarize your strengths and development opportunities.  The accompanying GlobaLeadership™ Action Guide will help you plan an effective development process. More Info

    Global Leadership™ Team Assessment ( Online Quote )

    Designed to assess global virtual team leadership skills, this tool allows managers to identify which of the 8 characteristics of high performing teams can be improved the most. A customized Team Feedback Report provides the team with insights about their capabilities.  An accompanying Global Development Guide will help plan appropriate activities that will allow them to develop upon their growth opportunities. By providing a baseline measurement against which the team’s progress over time can be compared, you can confirm that your approach is working or modify your plan in order to make it more effective. More Info

    Leadership Development Training ( Online Quote )

    Work with a dedicated team of experts in order to create a customized leadership development program. Through the customization of proven workshops and toolkits, you can ensure that your organization reaches their full potential. Session modules include a combination of Leadership Challenge, Leading People, Leading Teams, Driving Change and a global leadership Agent of Connection toolkit. More Info