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    Executive coach services are a mutually designed, one-to-one relationship between a key contributor who holds a powerful and influential position in the organization, accountable for complex leadership- and business decisions and a professional executive coach.

    Since executive success is not innate, per contra to small weaknesses and blind spots, the personal relationship with a coach provides improvement. Behind every winning team and every dominating performance stands a great coach, transforming key players into legends.

    Just like in sports, the executive coach proposes adjustments, to support the progress from a good leader to a great leader, who are able to lead the most creative and effective teams, aiding the company’s performance, profitability and bottom line.

    AIM developed an own methodology to accelerate leaders’ skills. As the name ACTTM (Assess, Coach& Transform) indicates, the guidance to executives is a three-step plan, supplemented by AIM individualizing the program for the client, with a long-term impact on enhancement of leadership effectiveness and team results.

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